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Our panel tracking control system is deeply integrated by AI+solar tracking, providing a multi-purpose solution of hardware+software+data+service for customers. We own the independent R&D of solar tracker control box TCU, intelligent communication box NCU, intelligent operation platform SCADA, intelligent weather station SWM, etc; Our company takes the improvement of product quality as the core and the intelligence of PV as the guide. Furthermore, our sales services are available in many countries and regions around the world, and our products are well received by our customers.
Solar Tracker Controller TCU
This series of product is intelligent solar tracking control box, which is highly intelligent PV tracking controllers. It will automatically calculate the movement trajectory, the azimuth and altitude angle of sun at any moment according to the local longitude, latitude, time and program, and control the operation of motor actuators to achieve real-time solar tracking of PV modules and thus increase power generation.
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Solar Intelligent Communication Box NCU
According to the wind speed and direction data, combined with the local longitude and latitude, NCU calculates the best tracking angle of each solar array and sends the command to the controller; meanwhile, collects the controller information and uploads it to the control station.
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Digital Intelligent Operation Software Solar SCADA
SCADA is a new generation of system software that allows the owner and operator fully control the real-time operation of the photovoltaic power station, so as to efficiently and safely ensure the operation and maintenance of the power station. The software has real-time data collection and monitoring, fault early warning, data analysis and other functions with the collocation of intelligent optimization tracking control system, so that the power station in a variety of different weather conditions to effectively improve power generation. The software also provides diverse protection mode against wind and snowstorm, and the user can control the power station in one click, which is greatly enhancing the reliability of power station operations.
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  • Smart Tracking Controller

    Smart Tracking Controller

    In automatic tracking mode, the system will issue tracking commands automatically according to the current position of the sun and control the motor to achieve real-time tracking of the sun for higher electricity production.

  • Photovoltaic Tracking Control Algorithm

    Photovoltaic Tracking Control Algorithm

    Combined with the site 3D geographic data model, real-time weather data, solar irradiance data, and a new generation of big data-driven closed-loop self-learning tracking system solutions relying on neural network topology algorithms. 

  • Cloud APP

    Cloud APP

    Customized Cloud Platform & APP to control intelligent devices. To optimize the algorithm and update the model by analyzing of big data.

  • Operation Center

    Operation Center

    We provide companies with a user operation center for the industrial Internet era, establishing communication and management channels for you and your customers.

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Our company takes the improvement of product quality as the core and the intelligence of PV as the guide, furthermore, our sales services are available in many countries and regions around the world, and our products are well received by our customers.

About Lingyang Technologies

We focus on the new energy of PV tracking electrical control system and AI algorithm system in R&D, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech intelligent technology enterprises. The core team has more than ten years of experience in the PV industry and is committed to providing customers with safe, minimalist, intelligent and efficient products and services

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Lingyang Insights in Solar Tracker

Lingyang Insights in Solar Tracker
  • Nov 17 2022

    Assortment of Solar Tracker Controller TCU-FA 260P
    TCU 260P has reasonable structure, high cost performance and low power consumption. It requires external power supply, wide voltage input, easy connection, active tracking closed-loop control, and pro...
  • Nov 10 2022

    Solar Track and Solar Tracker
    1. Solar trackersSolar trackers can greatly improve the efficiency of sunlight collection, so studying the laws of the sun's motion can help to better track the sun.The law of motion of the sun is...
  • Oct 22 2022

    FAQs about Solar Trackers
    1. How to calculate the efficiency of solar tracker?First, the data collected by the equipment is accurate, second, the prediction and optimization of the algorithm is accurate, then the control of th...

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