Based on the leading AI+IoT technology after-sales service system, we not only provide a software platform for PV tracking system monitoring with high precision, automatic protection, real-time warning and remote diagnosis, allowing customers to grasp accurate power plant operation in real time; but also the company has formed a sound after-sales service network to establish convenient and fast communication and management channels for customers and operators. We provide customized after-sales service for our customers and attach great importance to customer satisfaction. The service attitude, response speed and subjective motivation of after-sales customer service have been well received by users.

There is a rapid detection and treatment plan for product failure, which can meet their short time to carry out product repair or replacement, and then with the user for the product failure rate statistics and cost accounting.  lingyang also provides long-term maintenance and overhaul solutions and strategies, as well as the corresponding O&M cost analysis and after-sales price plans. The fastest speed and low cost ensure the normal operation of the system.

Lingyang Insights in Solar Tracker

Solar Tracker After-sales Service