Ⅰ. Applicable area and power generation of PV tracking system

1. Middle and low latitudes (near the equator): flat uniaxial, flat uniaxial with inclination;

2. Middle and high latitudes (away from the equator) areas: oblique uniaxial, single-column dual-axis, flat uniaxial with inclination, single-column oblique uniaxial;

3. The altitude angle of the sun in low latitude areas is relatively high, and the modules should be placed horizontally, which can significantly increase the power generation. The altitude angle of the sun in high latitudes is relatively low, and the increase in power generation is insufficient after the modules are placed horizontally, and the increase in power generation is greatly increased when the modules are placed obliquely.

Ⅱ. Applicable terrain of PV tracking system

Different PV tracking system has certain adaptability requirements for the terrain, and do not reflect the complementarity of agriculture and sunlight and complementarity of forest and sunlight. The terrain of the complementary projects of agriculture and sunlight and forestry and sunlight can be expressed by flat land and sloping land.

The single-column dual-axis tracking system allows more sunlight to shine on the battery modules by rotating in the north-south and east-west directions. The dual-axis tracking system can increase total power generation by up to 45% relative to fixed mounts. Dual-axis tracking systems are usually more suitable for middle and high latitudes.

The flat single axis tracking system and the flat single-axis with inclination tracking system can achieve east-west climbing, but the angle should not be too large, and it is not recommended to exceed 15 degrees. The flat single-axis tracking system has the advantages of low cost, simple installation and low maintenance costs, so it is the most cost-effective and widely used worldwide.

The inclined single-axis tracking system is suitable for use on flat ground or gentle slope, and has high requirements on terrain. The oblique single-axis tracking product is very suitable for middle and high latitudes. On this system, the battery pack faces south and is placed at a fixed angle, and the rotation axis also rotates at the same angle in the east-west direction. Compared with fixed brackets, the power generation of this system can be increased by up to 32%.

The rotation axis of the single-column oblique single-axis tracking system is perpendicular to the ground. The system rotates from east to west in a day. It has higher power generation efficiency in higher latitudes.

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