It is found in the cost and benefit analysis of solar tracking support systems that if the site cost needs to be increased by 20%, the power generation must be increased by no less than 30% to achieve considerable benefits. Therefore, for medium and large-scale projects, the benefits of using solar power tracking support systems are very significant.

Classification of the solar power tracking system

According to different driving forms, solar tracking brackets can be divided into the following two types: active tracking systems and passive tracking systems.

  • Active tracking systems are controlled by motors.

  • Passive tracking systems achieve tracking through physical thermal expansion technology.

In recent years, active tracking has formed a mature control system through theoretical sorting, calculation software, and mechanical structure testing. Therefore, in order to obtain the most professional and reliable products, astronomical/digital software combined with simple mechanical system management (active tracking) is generally used. Compared with other solutions, active tracking drive is also the best method in terms of technology and economy at present.

Active solar power tracking systems are also divided into the following two types according to the type of electric control machine

The first type of solar power tracking system is based on the information sent by the sensor, and locates the brightest point (the sun) in the air. This positioning method can effectively ensure the accuracy of solar tracking, but it is only suitable for sunny days.

The second type uses astronomical algorithms + tilt angle sensors tracking system. It achieves tracking by installing the solar ephemeris data and support tilt sensors of the location. This operation method can ensure higher power output and centralized installation of power stations. This tracking method can also achieve accurate tracking on cloudy days.

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