1. Dual-axis solar power tracking system

The solar sun tracker can increase the output power of a solar power system by up to 35% compared to a fixed installed solar power system.

Current astronomical positioning and tracking systems for sun-tracking devices rely on pre-entered longitude and latitude coordinates to steer the solar panel toward the sun's approximate orientation. This tracking method, which requires computer software control, has large errors and high installation costs. Not only that, but this tracking method cannot detect cloud cover.

When the sun is blocked by clouds and the system cannot generate electricity, the tracker still moves along the sun's trajectory, causing unnecessary energy consumption. Therefore, there is a need to find a solar power tracking system that can both improve system efficiency and reduce the total installed cost of power generation.

2. Supporting structure of dual-axis solar power tracking system

The system consists of a dual-axis solar tracker and a set of load-bearing support structures. This dual-axis sun tracker uses an intelligent control system that relies on local sunlight exposure rather than a pre-set coordinate system to track the sun's altitude and latitude. The load-bearing support structure can bear 60%-75% of the load of the solar energy collector, which greatly reduces the volume and cost of the engine required to drive the solar tracker. The application of this support structure enables the entire system to support different load requirements.

In addition, the installation of the entire system requires no commissioning and can be plug-and-play. Reduced installation costs coupled with greater output power and higher system efficiency can significantly shorten the payback period for existing and future solar power installations.

Advantages of this unit include:

Plug and play without debugging;

automatic tracking;

Low power consumption control system;

Suitable for different load requirements.

The solar power tracking system can be widely used in the installation of solar photovoltaic power generation systems, houses, enterprises, electric solar power generation systems, and the installation of satellite antennas and similar equipment.

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