Lingyang Technology Inc, a high-tech company focused on artificial intelligence technology, is committed to becoming a leading international manufacturer of providing digital monitoring technology and solutions for solar tracking systems, and has achieved a deep integration of "AI + solar tracking" technology applications, providing customers with "hardware + software + data + service" multi-faceted solutions. Our self-developed real-time optimal control intelligent tracking algorithm has proven its strong scenario-based deployment capability in several projects, creating huge economic benefits for our customers. Our products can be applied to new energy fields including solar power plants, solar thermal power plants, multi-energy complementary energy stations, new energy generation systems (solar, wind), etc. In solar tracking control, we provide personalized services to meet the diversified needs of our customers. In order to improve customer satisfaction of product function and quality, we need to make customers trust and rely on our products, so we do a good job of after-sales service for our products. 

Lingyang no longer confines itself to the single product's maintenance service but extend to the overall planning, design, service and concern resolution, amid and after-sale service. Lingyang insists on being customer-oriented and dig the real need of customer in deep communication, and have the potential to drive more cooperation with customers to achieve knowledge sharing and a win-win. At the same time, we optimize the existing product chain or product functions according to customers' customized needs, and complete product or program upgrades to meet other potential customers' needs. In the face of the global market, we also develop a global service portfolio, tailor products according to local customer characteristics; establish a global operating model and adapt local service to meet user needs; ensure global brand consistency and design the customer experience according to local customer expectations.

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