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scada solar
solar scada providers
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Local Digital Intelligent Operation Software Solar SCADA

Local SCADA software improves the real-time monitoring capability of tracking PV power plant sites and realizes quality monitoring of power plants; realizes internationalization and automation management of power generation production. Provide information support to improve management and decision-making. Integrate various types of monitoring data to realize differentiated services for different personnel.

Features of Local Digital Intelligent Operation Software Solar SCADA

By means of information technology, through multi-level deployment and multi-level application, the internal collaboration mechanism is opened to ensure the orderly development of business, the external coordination and positive interaction is ensured through the horizontal collaboration mechanism, and the efficient unification of business standards is ensured through the vertical control mechanism.

Advantages of Software Products

The platform is specially designed for tracking solar power plant's centralized control SCADA system using international industry standard encrypted communication protocol (OPC/UA), which guarantees the integrity and security of data. The software architecture is B/S modular and guarantees the intensification and economy of system deployment. Provide customized local and cloud monitoring platform and APP for customers, real-time monitoring and tracking of intelligent devices in the system, support multi-user rights management, dynamic display based on html5 pages, support mobile and third-party API data opening for other applications to replace.

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