single axis solar panel tracking system
single axis solar panel tracking system

Solar Tracker Controller TCU - HA 260P-24D01

Its output power in 500W with AC power supply, input voltage in 90-264VAC and output voltage 24VDC, basically matching three rows of three DC motors.

Features: Matching power of 500W DC motor, it can carry heavy loads. 

Advantage:  For three rows of three DC motors PV tracking system, including three controllers, closed-loop control by real-time feedback of the angle at the drive point.

System Datasets of Solar Tracker Controller TCU - HA 260P-24D01

System Datasets
Models of productTCU-HA 260P-24D01
Types of tracking panelhorizontal single-axis / titled single-axis
Drive systemsslewing reducer + DC motor / linear actuator + DC motor
Total rated motor output power≤500W
Photovoltaic arry3 rows
Types of controlactive tracking closed-loop control (astronomical algorithm + location feedback)
Mechanical Datasets
Box materialpolymer material Makrolon®6487
Water-proof levelIP65
Display interfaceYES
Keyboard interfaceYES
Electrical Datasets
Power supply modeL+N(two-phases input)90-264VAC(wide input voltage)
Output voltage24VDC
Wind protectionYES
Nighttime reset protectionYES (confirmed)
Disturbing protectionYES (soft pounding protection, over current protection, over load protection)
Anti-shadow trackingYES
Wind speed protection10m/s-30m/s(3S)(customized)
Types of communicationZigBee/LoRa(wireless)/ RS485(wired)
Angle range of tracking±30°-±60°(customized)
Models of AI controlcustomized
Network backgroundcustomized
Work temperatures-30℃-70℃
Note:Standard setting above. For customized setting, please contact the team of Lingyang

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