What are the technical advantages of the PV tracking system design?

Currently, PVs have been widely used in many industries, mainly using solar energy for power generation or heating. Of course, there is a professional tracking system in PV technology, which is designed to fully absorb solar energy and track along the trajectory of the sun. So, what are the specific technical advantages of this PV tracking system in terms of design?

  • After installing the PV tracking system, the total amount of solar PV power generation increases, and the absorbed solar energy will increase significantly. In the process of use, its power will also increase significantly. This PV tracking system also forms an automatic operating mode, mainly based on the movement trajectory of the sun, and the reflection design requirements will be significantly improved.

  • The received solar radiation also increases. Compared with traditional solar energy, all aspects of radiation absorption will undergo qualitative changes. Therefore, it can be seen that after the system's technical design, its application is becoming more and more extensive, and its power consumption is becoming more diverse. In terms of technical requirements, the system's requirements and design functions are gradually increasing. We all hope that the functionality and practicality reflected in the tracking process will be significantly improved, thereby continuously improving the work intensity and power supply capacity of the PV system.

What are the advantages of the PV tracking system during operation?

As PVs enter our real life and provide electricity, more and more energy consumption costs are saved. Among them, PV system design is relatively advanced, especially in the entire structural system. It can be seen that its PV tracking system is very helpful during operation. So, what are the advantages during operation?

First, the PV tracking system automatically locates during operation. Due to the constant movement of sunlight, the system uses automatic positioning methods in the design process to track strong sunlight at any time, significantly increasing the emitted power.

Of course, compared with traditional power generation systems, the PV tracking system has tracking functions, greatly improving power generation efficiency. Especially in automatic attitude adjustment, it can be seen that it can grasp the direction of sunlight well, further improving operational efficiency, and becoming more advanced in all aspects of operational functions.

The tracking accuracy of the PV tracking system during operation is very high, even reaching the advantage of zero error, which is more prominent in the operation mode, so that it can receive as much solar radiation as possible after being put into use, thereby achieving tracking advantages.