Types of Solar Tracking Control System

Types of Solar Tracker Controller TCU Solar Tracker Controller TCU
TCU can control the solar tracking support motor according to the current position of the sun to realize the photovoltaic panels are always perpendicular to the angle of the sun, thus enhancing the power generation.
Solar Intelligent Communication Box NCU Solar Intelligent Communication Box NCU
The tracking bracket is generally lined up north-south and tracked in an east-west direction. The intelligent industrial control machine equipped with NCU communicates the tracking angle through 485 w...
Types of Digital Intelligent Operation Software SolarSCADA Digital Intelligent Operation Software Solar SCADA
Real-time collecting, monitoring, analyzing, and tracking of the operation status of the PV power plant system. It also boasts various functions such as fault alarm, data analysis, worksheet system, report generation, and other functions, thereby improving the efficiency of PV power plant operation and maintenance and ensuring stable operation of the power plant.

Advantages of Solar Tracker System

Innovation Oriented

We insist on independent research and development and focus on technological innovation of solar tracker components/parts and solar tracker system project over the years. The core team dedicate to paying attention to the real needs of users and solar tracker efficiency improvement, improving product quality and enhancing control accuracy. At present, our core products have been awarded 36 intellectual property rights ,including 5 high-tech products.

PV Tracking Algorithm

Starting from PV tracking algorithm and basing on AI+loT, we provide real-time closed-loop intelligent solar tracker components. Except for the original tracking algorithm, we add site model, cloud tracking algorithm, weather prediction algorithm, and optimize the algorithm by combining real-time irradiation data. These are applied not only to linked PV arrays but also to stand-alone PV arrays. The superiority of the algorithm has been verified by demonstration project data, which directly improves the project returns.

High Quality Guarantee

The control system for solar tracking contains multiple functions to enhance the stability of the system, including snow protection, clean mode, wind protection, stable wireless communication, etc. Each solar tracker software has gone through layers of testing and certification, such as high and low-temperature tests, vibration tests, dust tests, salt spray tests, EMC testing, low-pressure test, waterproof test, and other certification tests with international standards. Lingyang believes that superior product performance is the basis of cooperation, sincere service attitude being the essence of cooperation.

Projects of Solar Tracker Components

Projects of Solar Tracker Components

- 01-
Solar Tracking System in CMIG New Energy

The project is a flat single-axis tracking photovoltaic power plant, part of solar tracker unit being our company's products. After one year’s observation, power generation was significantly higher than other.

- 02-
Solar Tracking System in A Photovoltaic Power Station Project in Dalat Banner

The large ground PV power plant project belongs to a flat single-axis tracking system with a capacity of 100MW. some arrays using our solar tracker control box's power generation also was significantly higher than others, the successful verification of desert areas. Contact Lingyang for more information of solar tracker system project.

- 03-
Solar Tracking System in Sichuan Ganzi Photovoltaic Power Plant Project

The project is developed in the form of "photovoltaic+pastoralism". The photovoltaic power station project is a flat single axis with a capacity of 200MW and also is a large ground power station. Our solar tracker control box and intelligent communication box are adopted in some arrays of the power station, and the operation status of the units can be monitored in real-time through the solar SCADA system.

- 04-
Solar Tracking System in State Grid Zhangjiakou Project

This is Zhangbei county's microgrid PV power plant adjacent to Inner Mongolia, which contains two types of stents, dual-axis and titled single-axis. It has been running for half a year and all went well, and the system operation can be monitored in real-time through the solar SCADA system, which greatly lowers the labor cost of operation and maintenance.

- 05-
Solar Tracking System in Anhui Yuguang Complementary Photovoltaic Power Station Project

The sun tracking project combines fishery farming with photovoltaic power plants. Photovoltaic panel was set up above the fish pond, achieving farming and power generation in the meantime and enhancing the comprehensive production value.

Solar Tracking System Turnkey Solutions

Solar Tracking System Turnkey Solutions

The intelligent tracking electrical control system includes an intelligent communication box NCU, solar tracker controller TCU, and a monitoring platform SCADA. NCU, the core brain of the tracking control system, connected with TCUs through LoRa or Zigbee, performs command issuance and data collection. Each TCU is responsible for the rotation of the tracking bracket motor. NCU obtains weather data from an anemorumbometer such as wind speed and direction through 485 wired in real-time; NCU communicates with SCADA through 485 wired or 4G/5G/Zigbee and other wireless to control the ZhuiKe operation and maintenance of the upper computer station. In automatic tracking mode, the system will automatically issue tracking commands according to the current trajectory of the sun and control the operation of motor actuators to ensure that the PV modules track the sun in real-time to increase the power generation.

Frequently Asked Questions of Solar Tracker


How do solar panels track the sun?


According to the local longitude, latitude, and time, the solar tracker controller automatically calculates the movement trajectory of the sun at the current moment and the azimuth and altitude angle of the location, and it also automatically issue tracking commands according to the current position of the sun and controls the motor to ensure that the relationship between the PV panel and the incidence angle of the sun is always perpendicular.


What is solar tracking system?


Our company tracking system is made of three basic units: Tracker control unit (TCU), Intelligent communication box (NCU) and solar tracker monitor (SCADA).


How to make solar tracker efficiency calculation?


Firstly, the data collected by the equipment is accurate, secondly, the prediction and optimization of the algorithm is accurate, then the control of the solar tracker controller is real-time and accurate, and finally, the action of the motor and the information feedback are accurate. These are the prerequisites and guarantees for efficient operation of the tracking control system.


How to make solar tracker installation?


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message, our sales will contact you the first time. According to your requirements, we will provide you with detailed product information, installation and configuration details, and offer full after-sales service at your convenience.

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Solar Tracking Control System