horizontal axis solar tracker
horizontal solar tracker
horizontal axis solar tracker
horizontal solar tracker

Solar Tracker Controller TCU - FA380M-380A01

The product needs an external power supply, the input voltage is 380VAC (three-phase four restrictions) the output voltage is 380VAC, the product does not need to add components, and power generation input power is larger, to meet the larger power AC motor operation. With multiple protections to enhance system stability. Passing more than 20 internal tests (UV, thermal cycle, wet cooling), internal tests are stricter than the industry certification standards.

Features: Matching 380V AC power controller with external power supply.

Advantages: meet the larger power AC motor operation, easy maintenance.

System Datasets of Solar Tracker Controller TCU - FA380M-380A01

System Datasets
Models of productFA380M
Types of tracking panelhorizontal single-axis / titled single-axis
Drive systemsslewing reducer+ AC motor
Motor power≤2.2KW(customized)
Daily power comsumption≤0.1kW.h
Types of controlactive tracking closed-loop control (astronomical algorithm + location feedback)
Mechanical Datasets
Box materialpolymer material Makrolon®6487
Water-proof levelIP65
Display interfaceYES
Keyboard interfaceYES
Electrical Datasets
Types of power supply380V AC(3 phase 4 wire system)
Output voltage380VAC
Wind protectionYES
Nighttime reset protectionYES (confirmed)
Disturbing protectionYES (soft pounding protection, over current protection, over load protection)
Anti-shadow trackingYES
Wind speed protection10m/s-30m/s(3S)(customized)
Types of communicationZigBee/LoRa(wireless)/ RS485(wired)
Angle range of tracking±30°-±60°(customized)
Models of AI controlcustomized
Network backgroundcustomized
Work temperatures -30℃-70℃
Note: Standard setting above. For customized setting, please contact the team of Lingyang Technology

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